Boston Street Soccer and Taste T's Catering Partner to Fuel Fans & Athletes

Boston Street FC (BSFC) and Taste T's Catering are excited to announce a new partnership that will provide healthy and delicious meals to BSFC fans at Harry Della Russo Stadium. Taste T's will be providing catering for all BSFC Home Games, including the United Premier Soccer League

"We are thrilled to partner with Taste T's to provide our fans with the food they deserve at our stadium, including fun treats like fresh cotton candy and popcorn!" said BSFC President Juan Cardenas. "Taste T's has a reputation for providing high-quality, healthy food, and we are confident that their meals will please our fans as each game."

Taste T's owner Tamia Berry is also excited about the partnership. "My mission is to provide a clean and safe environment to create great meals and present a recipe in a way that expresses the passion I have when cooking for others," said Tamia. "My Cape Verdean culture and South Carolina roots molded me into the Chef I am today."

The partnership between BSFC and Taste T's is a win-win for both organizations. BSFC fans and athletes will get the food they would love at each home game, and Taste T's will get the opportunity to support a local organization that is making a difference in the community.

The partnership between BSFC and Taste T's is a great example of how two organizations can come together to support a common goal. With the help of Taste T's, BSFC fans will be well-fed and ready to enjoy New England's best UPSL team.

About Boston Street Soccer

Boston Street Soccer (BSFC) is a non-profit organization established in 2012, Boston Street Soccer is a non-profit organization that is affiliated with the Lamar Hunt U.S Open, FIFA, United States Soccer Federation, and United Premier Soccer League (UPSL). With over 5,000 local members and over 100 annual events, Boston Street Soccer's goal is to put players first by establishing and maintaining a soccer environment that provides opportunities for growth through competition, continuous education, and training.

About Tamia Berry

Tamia is originally from Boston, Ma. She trying to fulfill my destiny of spreading love and grace through food to my community. She graduated from Culinary School in 2018 where she learned the importance of presentation and sanitation in the kitchen.  Her main principles in cooking are to provide a clean and safe environment to create great food as well as presenting the recipe in a way that expresses the love they put into every item on the menu. She is building this catering business in honor of her Father Chef Tony Berry who inspired her to get into the culinary field many years ago. Her Cape Verdean heritage as well as the Disney movie "The Princess and the Frog" greatly inspired her to chase her dream of being a Chef.