Boston Street FC and Diaza Football Extends its Partnership

Boston Street FC (BSFC) is pleased to announce that it has extended its partnership with Diaza Football as the Official Sportswear Partner. 

“We are super thrilled to continue this partnership with Diaza Football,” commented Boston Street FC President Juan Cardenas. “This deal is a reflection of how Boston Street Soccer has grown and evolved and we feel the partnership with a brand like Diaza aligns with our goals and visions.  While our partnership includes sports apparel, fans will also be able to purchase Boston Street FC and Diaza sportswear on both of our websites. We’re also excited to showcase Diaza to our fans, players, and members in person as we prepare to welcome our fans to our stadium this year at Harry Della Russo Stadium." 


Diaza is a term from the Colombian Language that signifies "passion, endurance, and hard effort." There isn't a better term to describe what the Diaza brand is trying to do. Diaza aims to bring this similar mentality to the soccer clothing game; they want their teams to have the appropriate mindset, to always push forward and believe in themselves. Within their brand, teams, and community, they aim to establish a new culture.

#DiazaMentality: It's a term they came up with for their teams; it means family, strength, leadership, family improvement, and conquering obstacles. They look for answers, they're creative. and they collaborated with each organization to go to the next level.

The Champions Brand: Diaza works with some of the greater semi-professional teams in the country. Three separate winners, three consecutive years of hard work: Maryland Bobcats, Atletico Atlanta, and New York Contour have all won UPSL National Championship, also many more local league champions have been crowned wearing the Diaza brand as well.



Boston Street Soccer provides access to soccer for underserved youth in Boston, Massachusetts. The organization provides opportunities for young people to develop their soccer skills, physical fitness, and personal character through regular practices, games, and coaching.

Established in 2012, Boston Street Soccer is a non-profit organization that is affiliated with FIFA, the United States Soccer Federation, and United Premier Soccer League (UPSL). With over 10,000 local members and over 100 annual events, Boston Street Soccer's goal is to put players first by establishing and maintaining a soccer environment that provides opportunities for growth through competition, continuous education, and training. Boston Street Soccer also takes the opportunities to develop and focus on critical life skills such as leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline.



Diaza Football is the Official Sportswear Partner for Boston Street FC. This strategic partnership includes strong marketing by BSFC and high-quality products produced by Diaza. Both brands share a common interest in reaching more people and educating them about our organizations. Last year, BSFC reached over 1 million people just on Instagram! Founder Diego Hurtado of Diaza and President Juan S. Cardenas of BSFC are very proud and excited to work together for the Spring Season 2023.