Back to Back

Most of you already know that BSFC was Silver Cup Champions in Summer 2021. It was the first time Boston Street Soccer introduced a club program into the organization. The players, staff, and fans were all key to a successful launch of BSFC.

The story didn't end just there! BSFC had try outs the following week to prepare for Fall 2021. Some players resigned and some new players were signed with BSFC to compete to be Champions again. 12 weeks later, on Saturday, November 13, BSFC played in the semi-final game against Baazigar FC and beat them 6-5 at penalties. 

Again! We made it to the Finals! BSFC is playing the Championship Game at Charlestown High School at 12PM. The achievement is great for the players, club, fans, and the community. It shows that never giving up, consistency, and ambition can bring glory! The journey is still not over. Like Jose Rios, BSFC Goalie, said "If we want to win, we have to prove it out there!"