Our Story

Boston Street Soccer was founded in 2012 by a group of young friends who wanted to just play soccer and post about pick-up games at different fields. With the help of Juan, Wilmer & Henry, BSS continued to remain active and cross the paths of many soccer players in the Boston Community.  It welcomes anyone to join a fun, friendly and community based pick-up games around Boston and our Club Team. By 2017, Boston Street Soccer was becoming a popular group across Facebook. That eventually led to the develop of an Instagram page in 2018 to help expand reach to the community. Since then, Boston Street Soccer has hosted over 1,000 pick up games, run several soccer tournaments, and participate in various soccer leagues. Our team is always looking to grow, expand and unite a community around our shared values. 

With your help, we can create this organization into something positive for the community. Establish soccer events, soccer clinics, league, retail stores, training facilities, and more!  This group was made to make soccer more public friendly. Thank you for your help. Made Possible By You. 


Thank You To Our Sponsors For Making This Possible
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