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Play in the UPSL Academy with BSFC

About Boston Street FC: 

Boston Street FC isn't just a club, it's a community. They offer competitive soccer for all levels, from UPSL Premier to recreational leagues and pick-up games. Founded in 2018, they've grown into a force, recently winning the UPSL New England Championship. Whether you're looking for a shot at pro/college soccer or friendly competition, Boston Street FC has a place for you.


The UPSL Academy is a nationwide program for talented young soccer players aiming to bridge the gap between youth soccer and professional aspirations. It offers a competitive environment, college showcase opportunities, and player development under experienced coaches. Games are scheduled regionally to minimize travel, and the league features a unique promotion and relegation system. 

Our Mission:

1. Developing Local Talent:

    • To bridge the gap between youth soccer and professional soccer through high-level training and competitive matches.

2. Building a Boston Street Pipeline:

    • To create a clear pathway for local players to progress from the UPSL Academy to Boston Street FC's UPSL Premier team.

3. Providing an accessible platform:

    • To maintain and provide high-quality and accessible platform for all athletes by limiting barriers unique to each individual.  

Open-Registration Fee:

  • Early-Bird Registration: $395
  • Regular Registration: $695 starting on August 11st, 2024
  • Late Registration: $995 – Tryout fee increases to $45 on , September 1st. 

Players under 18 require parent or legal guardian permission to enroll into the club.


  • Games will be Saturday or Sunday between 11am-5pm
  • Training will generally consist of a 2 day schedule.


  • For player marketing and highlight development, most but not all games are recorded. This enables players and coaches to evaluate and improve performance as well as understanding of the game. This also enables players to build their player highlights for scouting and recruiting purposes. This strategy has successfully assisted BSFC players secure professional team contracts and college scholarships.




Join the UPSL Academy and take your soccer journey to the next level!

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